MetaPWR is a 30-minute circuit style workout that involves performing a combination of strength, plyometric and ballistic exercises with limited recovery.

What is MetaPWR good for?
increasing work capacity (the amount of work you can do and recover from)
increase in cardiovascular fitness
increasing strength endurance
adapting to acid build-up in the muscles
mental toughness
favourable changes in body composition (can lose fat without losing muscle)

How does it work?
1. MetaPWR causes a build-up of lactic acid in the body. PWR is challenging because accumulating lactic acid is unpleasant and can even make athletes nauseated. The benefit is that the body learns to better buffer the acidosis and this leads to much better strength endurance.

2. MetaPWR releases growth hormone in the body. It is theorized that the growth hormone released allows fat loss with minimal muscle atrophy and this is why circuit training is effective at creating favourable changes in body composition.